Why Invest in a Rapid Web Application Development Platform?

Top 12 Reasons You Should Invest In Web Application Development For  Business | by Willa Anderson | Medium

The User Design cycle of prototype, testing, and refining is emphasized in the Rapid Application Development platform Builder approach of application development. RAD is flexible and sensitive to user input, unlike the waterfall, which is scheduled and rigid.

The RAD paradigm of application development has been revitalized by the present business need to give customers compelling experiences across devices—from native mobile. They are web-based applications to conversation apps—despite being 30 years old.

What Are The Advantages of RAD?

According to Mendix’s research, 71% of IT groups are still unable to keep up with their company’s increasing needs, and 96% agree when a solution isn’t provided on time. Therefore, it has an impact on business. Here are some examples of how rapid development might assist:

Flexible, Extendable, and Easy-to-use

OroPlatform, based on Symfony, an increased and open-source PHP framework, provides developers with a complete set of tools for creating mobile applications.

RAD Reduces Risk

RAD requires short, agile sprints that repeat as often as the project. This iterative approach identifies problems and logic errors earlier in the SDLC; therefore, before they might cause service failures.

RAD Increases Quality

The rapid web application development platform incorporates relevant feedback from corporate stakeholders and end-users. User input can help you fine-tune and focus on your big idea to match your company’s needs and delights your customers.

RAD Is Faster

Your team may spend less on strained processes and documents using iterative updates and code extensibility on a low-code model. As a result, Instead of missing the deadline, you deliver your solution on time, addressing the business demand. WaveMaker Studio is your one-stop shop for combining low-code performance with customized code power. To use WaveMaker online, all you need is a browser. However, you can design apps utilizing prefabs, drag-and-drop widgets, and cloud-native distribution.

Final Verdict:

Some of the top recommended open-source, fast software development platforms may help you take your project from conception to reality. These allow you to build a robust, efficient, and secure rapid web application development platform for every company’s need, whether a PIM, CRM, ERP, order management software or our helpdesk system.

It is based on PHP, and the famous Symfony framework provides a stable foundation for developers and businesses. They create responsive web applications that answer unique business problems.

For cost-effective and timely business applications, start building enterprise web applications as part of a comprehensive, open-source RAD framework.Feel free to contact us for Wave Maker ISVs and compare Low code pricing mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker and low code application development platform For Banking and enterprises