Which JioFiber Business Plans To Pick? Jio Business Plans, Benefits, Tariff, Voice Calling

JioFiber Business plans have been unveiled. Teleco major Reliance Jio announced an all-new JioFiber Business service with special plans for micro, small and medium businesses in India. Targeted at the MSME sector, the JioFiber business plans come with unlimited internet, calling benefits and a number of advantages. To start with, the JioFiber business plans offer fiber-based broadband fixed connectivity.

Which JioFiber Business Plans To Pick? Jio Business Plans, Benefits, Tariff, Voice Calling

Along with internet a user will get additional digital solutions specially meant for businesses to be used on a daily basis.

The new Jio Business plans is said to be an integrated solution for all enterprise related connectivity including voice and data services, digital solutions, devices needed by small businesses and more. Aimed mainly at the MSME sector, Reliance Jio plans to offer assistance to help small businesses run efficiently and compete with the larger organisations.

JioFiber Business Plans: Benefits, Tariff, Voice Calling, Solutions

The Jio Business plans have seven different plans for multiple sizes of businesses, so each can cater to specific sizes of enterprises. The monthly JioFiber Business plan starts at Rs 901 offering unlimited fiber broadband along at 100Mbps with enterprise-grade IP Centrex, free voice calls across the country with one connection and a fixed-mobile convergence with the plan.

The JioFiber Business plan with digital solutions startz at Rs 5,001. Jio digital solution business plan at Rs 5,001 offers unlimited fiber broadband along at 1Gbps with enterprise-grade IP Centrex speed, four lines with unlimited calls and fixed-mobile convergence. The plan will further include Static IP, Microsoft 365 suite of apps and 10 licenses. 

The Rs 5,001 Jio business package also provides 20 licences for Jio attendance, a Jio Online marketing tool license and a Jio Meet license.

Reliance Jio said the business plans have been specially customized for small and medium enterprises to offer a one-stop solution to these companies so they can grow and compete with larger entities. The digital solutions offered are ready to use and need no special expertise. 

JioFiber Business plans also offer assisted sales, on-boarding and digital account management. If you want to get one, you can now register for a Jio Business solution directly on the company’s website, and someone will contact you directly.

According to Jio, the JioFiber Business plans will be able to drastically cut costs and bring down monthly spending.

For small and medium businesses, Jio says the businesses spend anywhere close to Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 every month for a variety of digital solutions, and JioFiber will solve all that with a much affordable all-in-one solution. Unlike most services, Jio Business plans offer premium digital solutions as Microsoft 365 suite of apps, Microsoft Teams and such others with licences at no additional cost.