UPG allowed to reopen, promises to submit business plan and pay fine

Urban Pioneer Group, which runs out of 7503 Madison St., was allowed to once again resume alcohol-related events at 5 p.m. on June 15 after a hearing before the liquor license commissioner that same day. The suspension of their license was issued on June 8 after raucous behavior related to an event at the space on June 6 as well as for the fight on May 9 that preceded the temporary but mandatory 11 p.m. closures of all bars in town and which is still in effect for A1 taverns.

At the June 15 hearing, Mayor Rory Hoskins, who serves as the liquor commissioner, said UPG owners Tom and Sheila Kunkel were charged with being in violation of the following ordinances: Fights and disturbances; excessive noise; and failure to prevent patrons from causing harm to neighboring businesses.

The Kunkels stipulated to the charges as presented at the hearing. A settlement was reached by their attorney, Nir Basse, and the village prosecutor Sharon O’Shea. In addition to accepting the charges, UPG will present a business plan to the village and will pay a fine to the village. As part of the business plan, said O’Shea, all UPG events will end at 11 p.m., even if longer hours are granted by the village, and the Kunkels will vet all parties and events held at the location.