The Best Vitamins Can Prevent Health Problems


I will review the scientific literature that suggests that prevention is a very cost-effective way to regain and maintain your health. Getting well with modern medicine has become an incredibly expensive proposition. Example: a New York hospital charges $126 for a box of Kleenex! Read more information about healthy lifes here swanson coupon.

Fact: It’s a lot cheaper to stay well than it is to get well.

Negative press reports in the AMA Journal in 2009 shows seriously flawed vitamin intake studies that have colored the information we have available to move confidently into a vitamin supplementation program expecting positive health results today. Using older individuals, who already have the disease you want to prevent, or have multiple risk factors for developing that same disease (including advanced age, smokers, high blood pressure, uncontrolled cholesterol levels, high homocysteine levels is a very effective way to make supplementation look bad!

Numerous other studies have employed similar bogus strategies to discount the benefits of supplementation. Single nutrients should not be treated as though they’re experimental drugs.

Fact: In Nature, vitamins do not exist as single components that act independently.

Using synthetic supplements in a study is not effective either since single nutrients have been stripped of all the other active asuransi terbaik di indonesia agents which are normally bound to it in food. Chemical companies would have you believe that synthetics are identical to the naturally occurring nutrient forms. But the body recognizes this difference.

All of the large prospective studies of the last 40 years have shown that those individuals who eat the most fruits and vegetables also have the lowest incidence of the diseases of aging: heart disease, cancer, stroke, pulmonary diseases and stroke. Supplementation is not supposed to be the “cure” for disease, but research has clearly shown that.

There was a study done on rats where one rat was only given real chicken eggs to eat and the other rat was given egg beaters. The rat that had the diet of eggs was healthy, vigorous and vibrant. The rat that had the diet of only egg beaters was sick, thin and died at a very young age (for rats). This shows that when we only ingest synthetic vitamins our cells are not being fed like they need and we are still lacking in the essential vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need everyday.

Fact: It is the lack of specific nutrients in our diet that causes the internal cellular dysfunction that leads to these disease states!