TerraNova Capital Announces launch of SPAC Backstop and deSPAC finance platform.

TerraNova has assembled a consortium of several key credit and structured finance investors which can provide a one stop structured funding solution, either as a bridge, Preferred Equity, or term loan funding, allowing a SPAC to expedite the deSPAC closing.  The TerraNova Capital platform allows a SPAC to address potential and unexpected issues in market liquidity, as well as reduce dilution to the equity holders.

The platform is designed to create low friction solutions for SPAC Sponsors, as well as underwriters. “In a market which isn’t “one size fits all”, Mr. Coffin states, “TerraNova has curated multiple investors for a variety of sectors and profiles, with a target range of funding solutions between $50 and $400 Million in funding”.

About TerraNova Structured Finance:

TerraNova Structured Finance is the structured finance advisory group of TerraNova Capital, a 20-year-old financial advisory firm focused on the small-to-middle market.  TerraNova Capital is comprised of two divisions; TerraNova Capital Equities, Inc. (Member FINRA/SIPC), the investment bank, provides financial and capital solutions to its clients, while TerraNova Capital Partners, Inc. focuses on merger and acquisition (M&A) advice and merchant banking.

Contact: John Burns, [email protected], 203-918-0580

SOURCE Terranova Capital Equities, INC.

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