Small Business Administration offering virtual information sessions on loans | Business

Starting today the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering virtual information sessions about loans. 

“We have noticed an uptick in inquires about SBA loans and how to access them,” the SBA said in a message. “There the lending team has decided to launch the new year with new virtual information sessions: SBA loans 101 and SBA loans: 201.” 

Those eligible to sign up for sessions are people who are considering starting a business, start-ups younger than three years, or established businesses that are older than three years. 

SBA loans 101 will be held every first and third Thursday at 10 a.m. Click here to register. 

The sessions will offer the following: 

  • Define commonly used business loan terms
  • Understand the difference between small business loans and disaster loans
  • Understand the core eligibility of all SBA loans
  • Identify common documents required to obtain an SBA loan
  • Identify resource partners that can assist

SBA loans 201 will be held every second and fourth Thursday. Click here to register. 

These sessions offer: 

  • Identity the different 7(a) loan programs and regulations and compare it with the 504 loan program and regulations
  • Understand key differences in the 7(a) loans.
  • Understand the loan underwriting process for both 7(a) and 504
  • Understand what lenders are looking for and how to improve likelihood of approval