Pure Jamaican, Through Its Pharmaceutical Division Seven-10, Announces the Acquisition of the Production and Cultivation Assets of Timeless Herbal Care, the First Company to Achieve GMP Certification for Medical Cannabis Production in Jamaica

Acquisition Expands Seven-10’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Pure Jamaican Group of Companies (Pure Jamaican), is proud to announce the acquisition of the production and cultivation assets of Timeless Herbal Care (Timeless). Timeless was the first company in Jamaica to achieve GMP certification for medical cannabis extraction and production, and the first company to legally export medical cannabis from Jamaica to Canada. The acquisition includes all of Timeless’ production and cultivation assets, a license to the Timeless brand in Jamaica, and ownership of the Timeless brand in Brazil, Mexico and Switzerland.

In making the announcement, Pure Jamaican Co-Founder and CEO Scott Cathcart said, “Timeless helped set a high standard for the cannabis industry in Jamaica, not just in its GMP certified, science-based extraction methods, but also in its respect and support for the Maroons and Rastafari farmers as a leader of the Alternative Development program. We are pleased to expand our platform of pharmaceutical grade production, delivery and export of cannabinoids, psilocybin, and other plant-derived molecules from our base here in Jamaica through this acquisition.”

Timeless’ Founder and CEO Courtney Betty said, “This alliance with Pure Jamaican gives Timeless access to scalable production of pharma grade cannabis products, including products targeting pain and anxiety. Pure Jamaican’s manufacturing and distribution platform is a model for the industry, especially where there are global opportunities.”

The acquisition is supported by the Government of Jamaica through the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce (MIIC). Hon. Audley Shaw, CD, MP, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce said, “We are extremely pleased to see the Pure Jamaican group of companies continuing to leverage its exceptional global vision by collaborating with early market leader Timeless Herbal Care. Pure Jamaican’s mission to produce world-class, pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis products for global export will help Jamaica become a major supplier of cannabinoids to the world. We believe this will create a very important economic engine for Jamaica.”

About Pure Jamaican Limited – The Pure Jamaican Group of Companies is actively scaling operations to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid and psilocybin molecules, create new delivery systems for these molecules, and pioneer innovative ways to utilize botanicals to invent revolutionary new medicines and branded consumer packaged goods for export to legal jurisdictions globally. With a team spanning the US, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, and Brazil, Pure Jamaican is a multinational organization on a mission to help people and populations achieve well-being, and to help transform lives globally. Pure Jamaican’s diverse revenue streams support sustainable long-term value creation in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and CPG industries. Meanwhile, Pure Jamaican is also dedicated to philanthropy and has created multiple charitable foundations in Jamaica for the benefit of the rural communities in which it operates farms. For more information, please see: https://purejamaican.com/ or on Instagram @pure.jamaican

About Seven Ten Limited – Seven-10 is the pharmaceutical manufacturing division of the Pure Jamaican Group of Companies. Global cannabis illegality has blocked access to more than 140 different, naturally derived cannabinoid molecules for decades, but rapidly progressing legalization in countries around the world is unlocking access to these molecules. These cannabis-derived molecules represent an unprecedented range of new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) which provide tremendous new research and development opportunities for the global pharmaceutical industry, and they have the power to lead to revolutionary new medicines that dramatically improve global human health. Seven-10 was founded specifically to help the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and scientists create this revolutionary new generation of medicines from cannabinoids grown and extracted in Jamaica.

About Timeless Herbal Care – Timeless Herbal Care was founded by Courtney Betty in 2014, in anticipation of the passing of the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act 2015 which legalized medicinal ganja in Jamaica. As a pioneering leader, Timeless was built on the platform of science-based natural cultivation, superior extraction techniques, and industry partnerships including long term, inclusive relationships with local communities and small farmers. Timeless was the first GMP certified medical cannabis extraction facility in Jamaica and the first company to legally export medical cannabis from Jamaica to Canada.

About Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce (MIIC) – The mission of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce is to increase local and foreign investments; drive innovation and job creation; promote and protect Jamaican brands; consumers and businesses and create an environment that will facilitate increased earnings from exports. For more information, please see: https://www.miic.gov.jm/

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