Per Diem Travel Nurse Salary in Mississippi in 2021

How Low Should You Go? Understanding Taxable Travel Nurse Pay

The first thing to ask before getting a per diem job should be: How much does a per diem travel nurse make? The average salary of a per diem nurse in Mississippi is $22.3. This is just an average and it can go higher depending on several factors. Due to work flexibility, per diem nurses can work as much as they want, which means they can maximize their earnings as long as they are willing to accept work assignments.  

Factors That Affect Per Diem Pay 


The good thing about per diem nurses is they get to be assigned to different departments where their skills and knowledge are tested. They can assign you to any department and you can be able to practice your specialization. Some even get assigned to any department when it’s beyond their specializations as long as they can perform the duties needed to be done in that area. Having specialization can make you earn more since they pay higher when you get assigned to departments where patients need critical care. Apart from earning more, it will be advantageous to you too since you will be able to broaden your knowledge and skill by getting a challenge in performing duties that are new to you. Per diem travel nurse careers in Mississippi can be expanded by getting exposed to the different situations as you are assigned to different areas of the medical facility. 


Most medical facilities prefer nurses with at least two years of experience, if you have more then that means you can get paid higher. In the field of medicine, experience counts, since it means that you have handled several cases and patients through your years of experience. Per diem nurses will be immediately put on board which means no orientation or training is needed. That’s why most medical facilities partner with nursing agencies since they are assured that they can get a qualified nurse to work immediately when they need one. 

Extended Hours

Per diem nurses may get a day or two shift but they are paid higher compared with regular nurses. This means they can earn more regardless of the fact that they work for just a few days in a month. However, there are situations when they need to extend their shift and if they need to do overtime then another additional pay for that. Per diem nurses are also allowed to work with more than one nursing agency, since this gives them more chances of getting assignments. 


Some medical facilities require certificates of training from their nurses. There are departments where special skills are needed and if you have certificates they can pay you higher. Certifications are proof that you are knowledgeable in certain skills and that you are able to handle the duties and responsibilities needed to be done for the patients. So if you have the opportunity to get trained and learn new skills do so. Then file those certificates since it can help you earn more. 

Medical Facilities 

Each medical facility has different fundings. If you are assigned to one that has good funding then you can get paid higher. Your nursing agency can help you determine which medical facilities have good funding and you can request to be assigned to these medical facilities.


Mississippi might not be the highest paying state when it comes to per diem nursing jobs but it is a good start to boost up your career and get job flexibility. Learning is a continuous process and as they say, use this as your stepping stone to be able to grow your profession. The best thing to do is accept all the assignments you are given and get the experience you need to be able to be assigned in higher-paying states.  

Travel nurse opportunities in 2021 will continuously grow, as nurses grab this opportunity by starting to get per diem jobs now. Now that you have an idea on per diem travel nurse salary in Mississippi in 2021 you will be able to plan your schedule on how many assignments you need to accomplish to be able to support your finances and at the same time manage your schedule to work and find time for leisure.