Pacific Gladstone Digital Finance Co., Ltd. Creates Digital Asset Exchange

Denver, Colorado–(Newsfile Corp. – July 19, 2021) – Pacific Gladstone Digital Finance Co., Ltd., which is jointly established by United Pacific, Gladstone capital and Castle company, has established the digital asset exchange. The exchange is named after its parent company and is fully known as the Pacific exchange.

Pacific Gladstone digital Finance Co., Ltd.

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It is understood that the Pacific exchange is a digital asset integrated service platform based on high frequency technology. The two companies have years of experience in integrated finance and high frequency trading technology. At present, there is no real high-frequency trading digital asset platform in the market. The founders of Pacific Gladstone saw this opportunity and established the Pacific exchange. This means that the traditional financial products are combined with the emerging data economy to develop a new digital asset exchange that is cross era and adapt to economic development.

The first high frequency trading digital asset platform

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High frequency trading refers to the computerized trading that seeks profits from the extremely short-term market changes that ordinary investors cannot take advantage of. For example, a small change in the bid ask spread of a security, or a small difference in the price of a stock between different exchanges. The biggest characteristic of HFT is that the profit of a single transaction is low and the number of transactions completed per unit time is large.

Pacific exchange is the first digital economy + high frequency trading product launched by Pacific Gladstone digital Finance Co., Ltd., and it is also the only similar product today. As the first product in digital currency trading and high-frequency trading technology, the establishment of Pacific exchange has received strong financial support and technology research and development support from its parent company, United Pacific Company, Gladstone capital and Castle investment company. With the capital and technical support of the parent company, the software and hardware of the Pacific exchange have been optimized to the maximum. In order to shorten the trading order, it travels at the speed of light through optical cable. Gladstone capital and Castle investment company provide financial product investment technology and high frequency trading technology for Pacific exchange, and transport a large number of financial technology practitioners.

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According to Wall Street analysts, the Pacific exchange has been preparing for a long time and is expected to go online this year.

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