Living in an Old Age Home Doesn’t Take Away Your Freedom


As humans age, they observe the physical, social, and psychological changes in their life.

It is a multi-dimensional process that demands medical and sociological needs from families.

But in the modern era where joint families get split into nuclear ones, and every member from young to adult is busy in their own lives, it becomes miserable for adults to live in isolation.

Also, the alteration in culture and function of society somehow restricted the freedom of elders.

So, to regain the freedom they lose in their family, elders are making up their minds to stay at an old age home.

However, the grey myth that after visiting retirement homes, the freedom of elders snatches away confines many geriatrics to leave their homes. Due to this, they suffer misery and loneliness till their last stage of life.

To give you insightful knowledge about the freedom of senior citizens, this article has covered the benefits of freedom in elders’ life and how retirement homes in Kochi and old age homes in Kottayam are bringing revolutionary changes by giving new wings of freedom to the older generation.

How loss of freedom impacts elders’ dignity?

Every person desires to live their life independently with dignity.

As they get old, it becomes difficult for elders to maintain their freedom as elders need to depend on their children for assistance.

But when their children migrate to other places by leaving them alone, it becomes burdensome for senior citizens to manage their health and domestic chores.

The feeling of how they used to make decisions by living independently and comparing their current situation with past adulthood discourages many elders.

Rather than spending their golden years with full enjoyment, the sense of dependence on others for a living negatively impacts elders’ physical and mental health.

Why does freedom matter in seniors’ life?

After understanding how freedom loss impacts senior citizens, the next question that comes to mind is the benefits of freedom in their life. Therefore, the list of benefits is curated to give you more insight about it-

● They will build positive relationships

In an older stage of life, people need companions to share their thoughts and opinions. It helps in fading the voidness they feel in themselves.

Hence, having the freedom to talk with others and develop healthy relations offers elders a joyful life.

● They will develop a purpose

Geriatrics with no freedom feel depressing and isolating because they are living a monotonous life with no control.

But with freedom, they can make their life exciting by creating small goals or purpose and challenging themselves to accomplish these goals.

● They will maintain their individuality

Every human has an individual identity. Also, their small decisions in daily life show how they are shaping their persona.

Elders who spend their whole lives in their own beliefs later find it strenuous to express themselves leads to destructive behaviour.

Here freedom gives them chances to make their own decisions like what clothes to wear, which place to visit, and what food to eat. These decisions seem small but capable enough to develop confidence in elders about individuality.

● They will regain self-worth

The sense of control over life and living it the way you want generate the pleasure of self-worth.

Freedom plays a vital role in strengthening seniors by empowering them. 

But geriatrics with unstable financial and health facilities avoid taking control over their actions.

How old age homes are busting the myths related to seniors’ freedom?

After personal care, the second reason that convinces elders to embrace the idea of living in paid old age homes is freedom.

Some senior citizens feel restricted in their homes because their children are always busy balancing their own professional and personal lives. It leads to negating the behaviour of children towards their elder parents.

To bridge this gap of isolation, many paid old age homes are designed to follow the philosophy of offering new wings of freedom to geriatrics.

These senior citizens are encouraged to live an independent life by communicating with other elders and participating in activities that make them happy.

The major challenge retirement homes encounter while taking care of geriatrics is vulnerability because there are high chances elder people can feel lonely despite being surrounded by many people.

Therefore, the staff of retirement homes never restrains elders by living life on their terms.

Luxury retirement homes in Kochi and old age homes in Kottayam are motivating elders to be independent

Older people are treasures of experiences. Their stories of adulthood are always inspiring because they have lived through the situations that today’s generation cannot even imagine.

For decades they have contributed their services to the development of society, which cannot be forgotten.

However, their ideologies are often stereotyped as anti-youth, which separates them from the lifestyle of younger people.

Therefore paid old age homes like the Travancore foundation always step forward to motivate senior citizens to keep their ideologies alive.

The main focus of their programs is to provide lonely elders with the luxurious and independent living with managed care.

Serving for the betterment of elders in Kerala over the last decade, the Travancore foundation has established retirement homes in Kochi and old age homes in Kottayam to provide quality senior care.

Hence, their responsible and caring expertise towards geriatrics endeavour them “the excellence in geriatric care” award in 2021.


With the genuine intention of providing freedom, personal care, respect, and cherishing the golden years of elders, the Travancore foundation is fulfilling its uncompromising commitments toward every senior member of their Travancore family.