Lighter Hidden Camera – The Easy Way to Catch a Cheating Spouse

The very latest in a distinguished line of spy cameras with built in DVR is a cigarette lighter. Yes they still sell cigarette lighters and folks still smoke. So a cigarette lighter makes it a perfect “host” for a spy camera with a built in DVR and a hidden microphone.

Since this new sleuth device is considered “body worn” it also has audio recording capability. It works as a cigarette lighter and has absolutely no tell tale signs that the camera is on or recording. Read more about usb lighter.

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts two hours on a single charge. The internal memory will record up to 8 hrs of video and audio. To download/view simply hook up a USB cable to your computer and download.

All of this capability makes it an easy way to catch a cheating spouse. Because this hidden camera is completely mobile and portable it can go anywhere to catch that spouse sneaking around on you.

Infidelity has become a huge problem these days. But hidden cameras, once the province of the wealthy or government agencies only because they were so expensive, have made it easy to catch the slimeball(ess).

Of course there are other uses for this spy camera. Use it as a nanny camera, use it in undercover operations, use it in business meetings or use it as a covert way to record audio and video in an employment dispute. Or use it to record confrontational “he said, she said” disputes.

The cigarette lighter hidden spy camera – when are you getting one?