India versus Pakistan T20 tournament History: a look at the no holds barred records between the 2 main opponents

India versus Pakistan T20 tournament History: Arch-rivals India and Pakistan have confronted one another a sum of multiple times throughout the whole existence of the ICC Men’s T20 tourney. Men in green won the very first T20 World Cup match against India in Dubai last year. Allow us to look at the no holds barred records between the 2 most despised adversaries, India and Pakistan. India versus Pakistan T20 tourney History: A tournament match between India and Pakistan is that the most engaging match and grasps the cricket fans. it’s properly named because the ‘mother, everything being equal.

India and Pakistan confronted one another in six events, with India winning five matches. The groups will next confront one another on October 23 at the MCG, Melbourne within the impending ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022.

As two India and Pakistan will confront one another in their initial experience of the T20 World Cup, it might be fascinating to determine which group wins as they continued trying to find tourney magnificence.

Allow us now to look at the straight records between the 2 main adversaries, India and Pakistan.

Match DateVenueResult
14 September 2007Durban, South AfricaTied, India won via Bowl-out
24 September 2007Johannesburg, South AfricaIndia won by 5 runs
30 September 2012Colombo, Sri LankaIndia won by 8 wickets
21 March 2014Dhaka, BangladeshIndia won by 7 wickets
19 March 2016Kolkata, IndiaIndia won by 6 wickets
24 October 2021Dubai, UAEPakistan won by 10 wickets

India versus Pakistan T20 World Cup 2007
A. 14 September 2007 (Durban, South Africa): During the debut release of the T20 World Cup in 2007, India and Pakistan were put in an exceedingly similar gathering. Pakistan won the throw and decided to bowl. Pakistan pursued the 141 runs target set by India, and also the match was tied.
The authorities then chose to report the champ in light of the bowl-out and India emerged because the victor of the match in Durban, South Africa.

B. 24 September 2007 (Johannesburg, South Africa): this is often a memorable day for India as on at the present time quite while back men wearing blue was the planet T20 Champions after overcoming their main opponent, Pakistan. India crushed Pakistan by 5 runs in an undeniably exhilarating last at Johannesburg, South Africa.

India versus Pakistan T20 World Cup 2012
A. 30 September 2012 (Colombo, Sri Lanka): During the 2012 T20 tourney Super 8 match between India and Pakistan, the previous pursued down an objective of 129 races to beat Pakistan by an infinite 8-wicket edge. Under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli bowled three overs and secured the wicket of Pakistan batsman Mohammed Hafeez.

India versus Pakistan T20 World Cup 2014
A. 21 March 2014 (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Batting first within the match, Pakistan set a 131-run focus for India. India pursued down the meager objective and dominated the sport by 7 wickets. within the 2014 T20 tourney, India lost the finals to state and became second place.

India versus Pakistan T20 tournament 2016
A. 19 March 2016 (Kolkata, India): For the third successive time within the running pursuit, India crushed its chief opponent Pakistan. The 118 runs target set by Pakistan was accomplished by India with 6 wickets remaining.

India versus Pakistan T20 tourney 2021
A. 24 October 2021 (Dubai, UAE): India’s opening T20 tourney 2021 match against its top opponent Pakistan was stayed 24 October 2021. the 2 groups were set in Group 2 of Super 12.

The 2021 T20 tourney between India and Pakistan was extremely interesting because the two adjoining nations confronted one another after a hole of over two years. The match was held at Dubai International Stadium, Dubai at 7:30 p.m.

Pakistan won the throw and decided to bowl. India set an objective of 152 runs for Pakistan which it pursued down well and dominated the sport by 10 wickets.

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