How to Evaluate Staffing Agency Software – Fast Facts and Tips

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When you’re staffing a new position, you have many factors to consider. One of these is the software your agency is using to find and vet potential employees. You need an accurate read on how a particular agency handles employee screening and vetting, but how can you tell? That’s where this article comes in. We’ve reviewed more than 100 staffing services to give you the scoop on what software they use and whether it’s worth considering for your company. Let’s get started:


What is Staffing Software?

To be clear, staffing management software is not a recruiting tool. Instead, it’s a comprehensive, online application that helps staffing agencies manage their workflow. A selection of specialized software companies offer this service to help agencies streamline their recruiting process and improve efficiency. By automating various steps, staffing agencies can save time — and become more effective — with the help of this software. A staffing software solution can take the place of time-consuming, manual processes, like email, scheduling, and data entry. Take, for example, the workflow of an HR manager. When a company posts an opening, the manager receives many candidates. Most of these candidates are screened out; some are retained. With staffing software, the manager can easily track these steps and create reports, such as a screen-out percentage report.


How do staffing agencies evaluate job candidates?

While the goal of any staffing agency is to place candidates in jobs, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Staffing agencies judge job candidates on a variety of factors, such as current skill level, work experience, and personal characteristics. Before you choose your agency, it’s important to understand how they evaluate candidates. Using these key factors and principles, you can select the best staffing agency for your company and receive the best candidates. – Skill Level – This is the candidate’s ability to do the job. This can be evaluated through tests, interviews, and references. – Work Experience – How long has the candidate worked at different positions? What types of jobs has he/she held? How long did he/she work for the company posting the job? – References – Is the candidate’s work history relevant to the job? Can he/she speak to past experiences? Does he/she have specialties that are relevant to your business? – Personality – How does the candidate interact with others? Is he/she friendly and personable? Is he/she professional and competent? – Other Characteristics – What are the candidate’s interests? Are they relevant to the company?


Staffing Software: The up-to-date and accurate list

To help you evaluate staffing agencies, we’ve created a list of staffing software vendors. The list is up-to-date and accurate, based on our in-depth research and experiences with these vendors. These companies offer staffing software services, including a range of options for small businesses to large corporations. Some companies specialize in hiring remote workers, while others specialize in the traditional office setting. One of the best things about some of these vendors is that they have a long list of clients. This shows stability and reliability. It’s also great if you’re looking to expand your customer base and need more people to try the service out.


Recruiterflow – One of the Top Staffing Services

Recruiterflow is one of the top staffing services you can use to expand your customer base and find great new hires. It’s easy to use, and its software is accurate and up-to-date. Candidates fill out an online form, and the software then matches them with hiring managers. The system has pre-built filters to help you find the best candidates and manage your workflow. You can also create workflows to automate the screening process, such as running the same type of questions on every candidate.


HelpWanted – Another Popular Service

HelpWanted is known for helping companies find great new hires with its online software. You can use HelpWanted to fill out screening forms, upload your job posting, and manage your workflow. The software is accurate and up-to-date, and the team is dedicated to improving its software and customer service experience. It has a free trial, so you can try it out before you decide to pay for the services provided by HelpWanted. BeyondDB – A Good Alternative to WordStream BeyondDB is a good alternative to WordStream when you need a more robust and reliable staffing software solution. BeyondDB offers a wide range of services, including employee screening and management. BeyondDB’s software is accurate and reliable, and it can handle a large volume of data. You can also create workflows to automate the screening process.


SumoCare – An Honest Review of HelpWanted

When it comes to helping you find great new hires, HelpWanted has received some bad press. Bad press can happen to any business, and sometimes, it’s warranted. The reviews on HelpWanted — before you decide to use the software — are crucial. You want to see what real people are saying about their experience using it. HelpWanted has received some negative reviews from users who say the software is inaccurate. We’ve identified a few issues with the software. First, it often gets stuck. Second, it sometimes throws up incorrect matches.



Well, you can see how there is a lot of value in choosing the right staffing vendor for your business. What’s more, you’ll also want to consider their software like Recruiterflow. We’ve compiled a list of the top staffing software vendors that are accurate and reliable. By carefully reviewing their software and how they evaluate candidates, you can find the best vendor for your company.

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