Honeybee Cannabis Company partners with Madison-based businesses to help get through hardships of pandemic

MADISON, Wis. — Owner and founder of Honeybee Cannabis Company Wade Woods knows that the only way to make it through the pandemic is by working together.

After starting his own company in January 2020, he didn’t know that the next 12 months would take him on an unexpected journey.

“Right as I was trying to get started, that’s when everything hit,” Woods said. “I didn’t really know what to do. I couldn’t really go anywhere to sell products. Everything was shut down. I picked a handful of retailers and restaurants, donated a bunch of my product to them and just told them to sell it at a good price for sampling for me and then donate it all to your employees.”

To help his own business stay afloat while still giving back to the community, Wade partnered with Karben4 Brewing to make a limited edition honey-infused beer that could benefit both businesses.

Karben4’s taproom manager Katie Herrera said when Woods brought up the partnership, she said. “How can we help and where? We survived it, we are surviving it. There’s a lot of small local businesses that are surviving it but we have to do it together.”

Woods’ desire to help other struggling businesses during the pandemic goes beyond this partnership. Portions of the proceeds from their new beer will be donated to the Henry Vilas Zoo and Clean Lakes Alliance.

“It takes the support from Honeybee, it takes the support from other vendors and when our opportunity comes to help them as well, and be supportive of their causes, we jump on that because it’s about togetherness,” said Henry Vilas Zoo’s Deputy Director Joseph Darcangelo

“It’s really a shining example of how businesses of any size can help contribute to the community that we all live, work and play in,” said Adam Sodersten with Clean Lakes Alliance.

Growing up in Madison himself, Woods said, “They’re just two very near and dear to my heart non-profits here in Madison and with the pandemic, they need help too.”

Woods said his goal the last year was to create an all-Wisconsin brand that helped other Wisconsin businesses make it through the pandemic together.

“The more I can build, the more I can help give back to the community,” he said.

The new beer will be sold on Earth Day at Karben4 Brewing.