Four degrees that can guarantee automatic employment these days in the US

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The rate at which people graduate from college and end up searching for employment these days is quite alarming. It is not strange to see most people graduate from college and then work in a field that is not their area of specialization. However, if you want to get a job as quickly as possible, and work in your area of specialty, then you have to apply for these college degrees. They are quite popular, lucrative, and could be studied in most institutions of learning including eCampus.


Nursing/ healthcare related courses

This coming first on the list shouldn’t be a surprise to most of us, especially in this period where there are high demands for nurses and other healthcare practitioners like lab scientists, microbiologists, and others, due to the recent covid-19 pandemic. Nurses are one very important asset in a healthcare facility. They are usually the ones that have the most contact with patients in hospitals, and the health care services they render is crucial to the recovery of the patient. Aside from their role in the healthcare sector, nurses impart can be felt in the aged people at home.



There is hardly any company or organization that does not require the service of an accountant. This is because, accountants are responsible for the financial management of most companies, and organizations, and even government institutions. A lot of people have this notion that the accountant is limited to financial record keeping or data entry. However, they also do things like tracking financial expenses, handling taxation, determine business profit or loss, manage financial database, and more. As an accountant before you apply for employment in any company, you should visit US-Reviews to learn more about the company first.


Computer science

In this age of digital technology, there is hardly any sector of the society, that a computer scientist can’t fit in. Irrespective of the area of computer science, one specializes in, there is always a guarantee of getting employed shortly after graduation. In the US today, courses like data science, IT security, software engineering, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, programming, machine language, and more are making waves, because of their impart and relevance in the society. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics asserts that jobs in this field are projected to grow 13 percent in the next decade, faster than most occupations.


Business administration

A degree in business administration will go a long way in guaranteeing you job security, and this is mainly due to its versatility amongst others field. This field of specialization is well vast and incorporates many times of management positions. As a business administrator, you’re responsible for the day-to-day operation of businesses, making long-term plans, or supervising a particular sector of the business, which however is dependent on your administrative position. Some top executives you can apply for as a business administrator includes, chief financial officers, chief operating officers, general, and operations manager, and more.

In conclusion, although, these jobs are well-paying, lucrative, and offer quick employment, one should go for a degree he or she has an interest in and passionate about. The tendency of making progress or getting fulfilled in whatever you will be doing will be zero or low if you don’t have a passion for it.

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