Experts’ Global- A Sure Choice for GMAT Prep and MBA Admission Consulting

In both GMAT prep and MBA admission consulting, Experts’ Global has been a visionary since opening its doors to students in 2008. Always in the learners’ corner, the firm has built a global reputation by assisting MBA seekers from over 50 countries.

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GMAT Prep Program

The Experts’ Global on-demand GMAT preparation program sounds beats out all competing offerings, providing a comprehensive field for a GMAT aspirant to test their skills. The online program puts together more than 300 conceptual videos and over 4000 practice questions for the student to take from. The question complexity, scope of concepts, and content presentation all follow the official GMAT imprint. The testing interface for the program takes this ethos forward, by adapting a control scheme, screen layout, and color palette that combine to replicate the GMAT feel. Students are helped by an on-screen timer that turns red when they spend too much time on a question!!

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global raises the standard for GMAT prep tools industry-wide with its powerful 15 GMAT mock tests. The student learns about their concept gaps through these tests, all of which are presented through the GMAT -like interface that boosts student comfort. Built-in analytics make sure that the student’s prep is goal-directed. By taking into account the student’s performance over many mocks, the analytics throw up stats on time spent, accuracy, conceptual strengths and gaps, and the particular areas that are most time-consuming for a student.

Live Classroom Program

To match the excellence of its online GMAT prep option, Experts’ Global has formulated a superb live classroom program. This offering is led by the company’s founder, Mr. Mayank Srivastava, who takes weekend classes for a small student batch. The expertise Mr. Srivastava holds as a 99th percentiler on the GMAT has benefited batch after batch. Participants in these classes speak highly of how Mr. Srivastava’s insight and knowledge have helped them on the GMAT D-day. These students can also leverage the online prep program to aid their studies.

MBA Admission Consultancy

Careful attention to each student’s needs and areas of improvement sets apart the Experts’ Global MBA admission consultancy suite. With a boutique structure in place, the firm limits its student intake each year to make sure that each applicant is mentored to the best of their potential. The underlying “End to End Admission Consultancy” ethos this approach reveals means that Experts’ Global does not consider the job done until the MBA admissions process is fully complete. This drive to ensure an engaged relationship with each student has propelled the firm to position its students in each of the top one-hundred and fifty business schools globally.

ISB Admission Consultancy

Experts’ Global has developed a deep awareness of MBA admissions processes the world over and yet they do their best work when it comes to ISB, or the Indian School of Business. Their skill specialization exists to cater to the demand of Indian MBA applicants, most of whom apply to ISB as their top choice in the country. To make sure to aid such students matchlessly, the Experts’ Global team has examined all the nuances of the ISB admissions gauntlet. Indeed, the firm’s pitch of expertise has secured interview calls for 90% of its ISB applicants.

Training for Admission Interviews

The Experts’ Global MBA admissions assistance package extends to interview prep assistance as well. Excellence in MBA interviews is necessary for admissions success, and the linchpin nature of this stage means that the company has created a cohesive MBA admission interview training methodology. This methodology is based on a series of mock interviews organized by a student’s interview mentor. Things kick off when the student completes a 15-part video series documenting the essentials of a good MBA admissions interview performance. Thereafter, a questionnaire detailing the 30 most common questions in MBA interviews is completed by the student. These answers reveal to the mentor the student’s weaknesses and strengths. The interview mentor then structures the mock interviews as per the student’s needs and their growth areas. Every single mock is followed by a feedback session to keep progress on track.

Experts’ Global’s truly unique GMAT training and MBA admission consultancy have helped countless students worldwide manifest their MBA dreams, making it a true Edtech pioneer!