Exercise Science and Business Administration major reflects on WKU journey

WKU senior Breanne Keith is studying Exercise Science and Business Administration on the Hill and has a long-standing passion to help those in need. The Tennessee native came to WKU after a scheduled visit to our campus, “[WKU] gave me a feeling of home that I could never shake. I also loved that the university is very diverse,” Keith said.

After a rough transition from high school to college, the WKU senior reflects on her time as a freshman on campus, “I made a lot of new friends in my residence hall. [My biggest challenge] was studying. In high school, I didn’t have to study but in college, I learned quickly that it requires so much more [than just going to class],” Keith said.

Outside of class, Keith spends much of her time with her peers in clubs and organizations. She currently serves as the secretary of the WKU Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). Keith also is a student ambassador for the College of Health and Human Services, supporting recruitment and retention efforts.

“I feel like these opportunities really did help shape my success here on the Hill,” Keith said. “I’m already a very social person, but the extra networking pays off. [Working with NSLS] has opened many doors for me, and it’s truly been a blessing. I’m grateful for it.”

For many students at WKU, extracurricular activities and volunteerism go hand in hand; connecting WKU students with the broader community. “I’m driven to help people, I just want everyone to succeed. If I’m able to help someone get close to their goal [whatever that may look like] then I’ll make sure that I help however I can.”

As Commencement approaches, Keith is preparing for life after college. “I’m still in the process of locking down an internship, COVID-19 has [made that process] very interesting. I plan on getting my certification in Recreational Therapy and hope that my future internship will help me gain the knowledge and experience needed to achieve.”

Reflecting on her time on the Hill, Keith is most grateful for the connections. “I’ve met a lot of people throughout my college career. There were many things that I’d never experienced before. [This experience] has brought me out of my shell and helped mold me into the person I am today.”

To current and future WKU students, Keith shares a bit of advice: Everything might seem overwhelming in the beginning, but it will get better. Just keep an open mind and never run away from a challenge. Lastly, if someone offers help, take it.

For more information about earning a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at WKU, visit https://www.wku.edu/exs/index.php

For more information about earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at WKU, visit https://www.wku.edu/management/