Event hands out free LLCs to people with business plan

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Building a bridge to help overcome obstacles was the goal of a free event in north Lincoln on Monday. Aspiring entrepreneurs were able to meet with financial consultants, write and pitch their business plan and get a paid-for LLC.

One of the organizers said Monday’s event was inspired by the loss of small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were brainstorming there’s all these young and up and coming young adults and kids who have a lot of ideas but don’t know where to go or what to do,” said Marcus Pierson, the owner FlyDogz. “So we said, let’s give them that knowledge, so they know what to do.”

A wide variety of sponsors pulled together to pay for the Limited Liability Company paperwork.

“We’re offering an opportunity to the community,” said Ishma Valenti, with the Malone Center. “Anybody who has a business idea can come here, fill out some business plans, get a free certificate of organization, and we will help you get out and fill out your LLC today for free.”

Yasmiene Blanton attended Monday’s event. She filed for the LLC to continue her journey to building generational wealth.

“For my kids, their kids. I’m doing this for my family, my children,” said Blanton. “I come from a hard-working family.”

Sponsors pulled together enough money that organizers expected to give away five LLCs and help five non-profits. They were actually able to give out nine LLCs.

“One of these individuals we may help today may become the next Facebook, the next Hudl, the next Nelnet,” said Oasiris Yates, the co-owner of Creative Coworking Spaces. “Our goal is to help with those first few steps for entrepreneurs to make that journey and process a lot easier than it would be if they didn’t have that support team with them.”

While plans are not concrete yet, Yates, Valenti and Pierson are expecting to put this event on again in October.

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