Europeana Foundation Business Plan 2021

Diverse and inclusive

Cultural heritage empowers society to embrace its diversity and flourish. We want this belief reflected across all areas of work – from the data we collect, to the stories we tell, the events we organise and the communities we nurture.

A Diversity and Inclusion team will explore and design actions so the Foundation can contribute to making everyone feel welcome, represented, equal and safe whether they’re working within the Europeana Initiative or accessing and using Europeana’s digital collections.

With the Europeana Network Association and Europeana Aggregators’ Forum, we will co-develop expert-led workshops to better understand the challenges and develop a roadmap to inform how we should address them – respectively and collectively.


We want everyone in our societies to have the opportunity to participate in digital cultural heritage – to access it, to share it, to play with it, contribute to it and be enriched by it. 

Our user engagement and design teams will develop a strategy that allows us to integrate our participatory activities deeper into our products and services, and to develop greater opportunities for participation with digital cultural heritage.   

We will work with our networks to  establish new standards for participatory practices in the cultural sector. We will build creative, effective participatory opportunities, and we will make sure online and in-person participation is safe and welcoming for all our audiences.


Collaboration is vital in addressing the cultural heritage sector’s vulnerabilities. A sector that can thrive in the digital 21st century is one that works together. Greater collaborative practices can progress its digital transformation and that transformation can enable further collaborative opportunities.  

We will deepen our partnerships – and initiate new ones – with organisations that complement us and share our ambitions for the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector. We will explore our role in collaborating across the sector, to support and advance it.  And we will encourage collaborative spirit in all that we do, whether that’s hosting interactive community events or simply reaching out to institutions.