City of Williamsport workers scattered but can be located by map | News, Sports, Jobs

City government is scattered throughout Williamsport due to the closing of City Hall but that doesn’t mean the offices and personnel can’t easily be located.

A map with accessibility routes to various City Hall and city government departments is displayed outside of the closed and condemned City Hall.

Joseph Gerardi, city codes administrator, said he created the map and advisement notice due to City Hall being closed and the offices relocated. It is a requirement to meet the accessibility law and a courtesy for those in the city to find where the personnel are working, he said.

The mayor, human resources, engineer and police administration are at 100 W. Third St. at the third floor of the Trade and Transit Centre I.

The finance department is at Trade and Transit I on the second floor.

The treasurer and controller’s office is at Trade and Transit I on the first floor.

The city clerk is at Trade and Transit Centre II on the third floor.

The Bureau of Codes is at 1500 W. Third St. at the River Valley Transit building on the first floor.

The police watch commander and patrol division are located at 810 Nichols Place on the first floor at the former Peter Herdic Transportation and Trolley Museum.

City Council holds its meetings at Trade and Transit II on the third floor.

The telephone exchanges are the same and are listed on the city Website at

City Hall remains closed after rain damage occurring in July, resulting in Gerardi issuing a condemnation notice due to the rain resulting in formation of mold and an unhealthy interior condition for workers and visitors that requires remediation in order to reopen.

The construction related to the installation of the multi-piece accessible ramp leading from the sidewalk along West Fourth Street to the front of City Hall is expected to begin the week of Nov. 7, Sander said.

Material availability delayed the installation by Landserve, of Boalsburg, which is putting the ramp in for $165,000, he said.

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