Chadakoin River Strategic Business Plan Expected to Be Released in August

The Chadakoin River Strategic Business Plan is expected to be released in August.

Gebbie Foundation Executive Director Greg Edwards said the plan is in the final production and is something they have been working on with the County, Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency, the City of Jamestown, Board of Public Utilities, as well as three private investors, “There are specific projects that have been identified that need to be done in the first phase, right through second and third phases of work. All of which is focused on getting more interest in and more activity around the Chadakoin River all the way from McCrea Point to what we call the basin.”

Edwards said they envision making the basin into a local version of Buffalo’s Canalside with the first step being the National Comedy Center’s Riverside Saturdays events, “Offering activities and fun and food, music, and movies right there in that basin area on Comedy Park. So that’s really the first foray and first steps. Many other steps to follow and it’s really going to become an economic stimulus for the whole region, not just the city, but for the whole region.”

Edwards said a public presentation and celebration will be held when the plan is announced.