Australian Tax Returns- What You Need to Know

Close to 80% of Australians use a tax agent to help prepare their tax returns. This view is supported by the thought that the Australian taxation system is quite complicated.

All levels of the government, including local governments, states, and the federal government, may require Australian businesses to pay taxes with R&D activities. Public services like the public hospital system and roads are paid for with these taxes in Australia.

Australia’s tax law requires that tax returns be reported in a specific manner. Depending on your business structure and operating conditions, you will have to submit specific returns. Sole traders, partnerships, trusts, and companies are all considered in this outline. A discussion of fringe benefits tax is included as well.

The Internal Revenue Code

As Australia is a federal economy, every state imposes a similar income tax. Before that, it was a state income tax. Taxes on income were imposed by state governments before World War II. Contributing the largest portion of the revenue to the government, it is the most important axe.

The tax return of a company must be filed. It is not necessary to file a personal income tax return for your company income tax, since your company has its own tax code. Usually, the company’s income will be reported on the tax return as net income, which is income less deductions. 

Corporations pay a tax rate of 30% to 50% of their taxable income, which is similar to that in the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, and the United Kingdom (source: OECD Tax Database). Having the lowest rate of corporate tax in Europe is the Slovak Republic, with a rate of 19%, while the highest corporate tax rate in Europe is in Spain, with a rate of 35%.

Trusts must submit tax returns that detail their income less expenses and deductions. Any trust benefit or income received by trust beneficiaries must be reported. In this group are assessable incomes such as rent, salary, and wages.

Filing partnership tax returns is a requirement for partnerships. By subtracting expenses and other deductions from gross income, the net income of the business will be shown on the return. In their personal returns, partners must disclose their partnership net income, salary, wages, dividends, and rental income.

The owner of a sole proprietorship runs the business. They report their taxable income and any loss in their individual tax return, as well as any other income they receive, including salary and wages, dividends, and rental income after deducting any taxes they are allowed to claim.

Tax returns for partnership and sole-proprietorship entities are based more on income of individuals than on corporation income. Corporate taxes are calculated based on a flat percentage across the entire income range, whereas individual taxes are calculated according to a progressive scale.

Statement of Business Activity (SBA) 

Any business with annual revenue exceeding $75,000 has to file a GST return (or a Business Activity Statement, or BAS for short). Even businesses that do not fall under the GST threshold can elect to register – and then must file the GST return.

With its 10% value added tax, Australia has the lowest value added tax rate compared to other countries, while Canada has 7%. For instance, the rate in New Zealand is 12.5%, the rate in the UK is 17.5%, and the rate in Ireland is 21%. A new sales tax system was introduced in Australia in July 2000 to replace previous taxes, including the state sales tax. By generating income from the GST, the GST supports state-sponsored services such as education.

Inflation-Proofing Ways To Reduce FBT

Employees, who receive fringe benefits from their employers, or their consultants, are taxed on these benefits in lieu of wages or salaries. Typical fringe benefits include company cars, low interest loans, and entertainment benefits.

Providing information on all aspects of completing tax returns in Australia is a part of the R&D supporting activities of tax accountants in Australia. Tax return basics are included as well.