5 Benefits for IKEA Credit Card?

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IKEA Family Membership is unknown to many, it is a designated program aimed to bring more benefits to their loyal clients. You are eligible, if you regularly purchase with them, and want to get some rewards or cashback. But, how they get them and does IKEA have a credit card for bonuses? Yes, that’s why learn information about why you should look forward to receiving it soon and what are the benefits of being enrolled in their program.

Apply for IKEA Credit Card USA

Once you made up the decision to dive into their Loyalty Reward program, nothing will make you puzzled. As usual, everything proceeds with the official platform with its registration form. Indicate personal information, and get a $25 off discount for the first purchase at their stores. And, as a result, you will be issued an IKEA credit card which can be used anywhere. If you hesitate, it is a simple VISA card. But, rewards and earnings are only with their stores. And, it won’t be a huge problem to have some as far as their goods and shopping experience is exceptional, and one can hardly leave without at least one piece of furniture or cute decoration. 

In fact, as for registration, there is no waiting for ages with no IKEA credit card approval odds as well. Only, fast and resultative effect – you start earning from the first purchase.

IKEA Credit Card Review of Benefits

First off, as it was said above, their card fits all the payments. You can pay with it in pharmacy, in your local grocery, and online. Then, it is only a matter of time when you would like to use the following benefits:

  • Pay IKEA credit card and get cashback. If your purchase is over $500, you are eligible for an additional $150 cash bonus. Otherwise, enjoy the rewards in the form of 5% reward for major goods including services of Traemand and TaskRabbit, 3% for dining, and 1% for other purchases;
  • Get access to previews. When some customers expect new hot deals from IKEA, the holder of the card can get to know them before anyone else. Access the goods catalog in advance before it will be published for the public.
  • No annual fee. IKEA Projekt credit card allows one to get financing for home renovation without charges monthly or yearly. Use it or leave it when you do not visit IKEA, it does not matter. 0% fee at all.
  • Free design ideas. The same with free access to goods catalog, one easily receives a chance to use their design templates for home renovation. They are definitely the ones who know how to make your house cozy and in the Sweedish-modern style.
  • IKEA credit card payment against fraudsters. This company does not tolerate any suspicious movements with your credit card. If it is stolen, you get a free replacement immediately.

Finally, the application for IKEA credit card gives a bonus of seeing all transactions and rewards through your personal account. Otherwise, you can pay through it if you left your card at home.